Straight Hair Extensions Know How to Care for Them

Want long, straight hair that is silky smooth? You can get it in a jiffy by using hair extensions, and start trying out straight hairstyles for upcoming gatherings and parties! However, they have to be cared for, so the quality remains top-notch for a long time.
Types of straight hair extensions
Silky Straight
The best hair is virgin Remy hair, which is only washed: it is never dyed or chemically treated in any way. Remy means that the hair is always kept lying in the same direction from root to tail prevents tangling because the cuticles or scales of the hair are lying in the same direction.


Yaki Straight

It is plaited tightly, wound onto small metal rods and steamed in an oven to create a thicker or ‘Yaki” texture akin to normal afro relaxed hair. It is available in a variety of thicknesses, see Mayvenn’s straight hair products.

Kinky Straight

If it is plaited more loosely and thicker rods are used it gains the appearance of unrelaxed natural afro hair. This is what is commonly called  kinky straight and has an extremely natural appearance.

Here are a few tips to help you care for them

Washing your hair once a week is sufficient. When shopping for hair care products, choose a shampoo that is no higher than pH 7 and in general, products that are alcohol free to avoid damaging the hair extensions. As for conditioning, work your way from the ends all the way to the scalp. Don’t massage your scalp, which is traditionally recommended for those who don’t have hair extensions.

You can use flat irons and products like mousse, gel, and hairspray on those straight extensions. Just make sure that they are alcohol free and that you don’t use them on your extensions on a daily basis. Maintain the shine of your extensions by braiding the before going to sleep. Leaving them braided overnight protects them from tangles and unruly messes. Don’t braid them too tight a loose braid just at the base of the neck will do. Let your hair loose in the morning and brush the strands from the ends all the way to the top.

Should you decide on curling hair extensions that are straight, opt for steam rollers. They have less heat than conventional curling irons.

Ideally, swimming is not recommended for those with hair extensions. Both pools and beaches have chemicals that can potentially damage hair strands. However, if you do take a dip, comb hair beforehand and try to keep your head above the water as much as possible.

Ready to try out straight hair extensions? Go right ahead!